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Ultra Premium Lens Released

Testing on Smartphones Shown to Outperform DSLR’s. HDfx 360 today announced they have released a high quality product: super-premium line of auxiliary smartphone lenses. It provides a professional image quality to today’s Smartphone Cameras including a modest price. Enhancing contrast in all light conditions allowing for great photos even indoors in “low” light.


Facebook:You can Choose to Disappear or Be ‘Memorialised’

According to case-study by a statistics student at the University of Massachusetts, By the year 2098, there will be more dead people than living people on Facebook. The question is What Happens To Your Facebook Account When You Die? After that day, your relatives will be able to ‘memorialise’ your account or remove it.

NY Legalizes Madison Square Garden

New York. New York legalizes MMA after nearly 20-year ban on the sport. After lhe long fight to hold in New York is finally over after the State Assembly voted to legalize the sport approving the measure by a vote of 113-25

A U.S. President visits Cuba after 88 years

Obama is the first U.S. President to visit Cuba since Calvin Coolidge in 1928. It’s a historic address from Havana. “It’s time to lift the embargo,” President Obama told Cuban officials and dignitaries gathered at the Grad Teatro de la Havana Alicia Alonso, including President Raul Castro. He also said “I have come here to


Canadians Keep Healthy Pets

More than half of Canadian households own a pet (8 million cats, 6 million dogs aprox). The industry for health and welfare of all these pets manages around a billion dollar. According to the news heart stents, MRIs, and even stem cell transplants are standard nowadays.There are many specialized centres across Canada for them including art medical equipment on site in order to offer the same treatment you’d expected at the regular human hospitals.

Canadian Statutory Easter

Easter in 2016 is March 27, Sunday. Easter is the most imperative Christian religious occasion and broadly viewed as the second most popular occasion as a after Christmas. The Easter weekend is upon us, keeping in mind a few of us are making a beeline for family get-togethers and church administrations, others will be jumping

Justin Trudeau Government’s First Federal Budget

Ottawa. Canada’s Federal Budget Deficit Could Total $90 Billion Over Trudeau’s First Term and Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau will introduce the Liberal government’s first budget by Tuesday. Trudeau announced the Liberal plan to run a deficit to provide for “investment” in the Canadian economy on August 2015. “We will invest in now in the


Duchess of Cambridge in India

They met with the Prime Minister of India Narenda Mod in New Delhi’s Hyderabad House and visit to the Taj Mahal on the agenda as well as a hike and a visit to the Mumbai slums. The Duke and Duchess get in their itinerary visit to New Delhi’s India Gate war memorial, the site of Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination.

Japan Places a Premium on New Properties

Approximately 20% of large earthquakes occur in Japan. Building codes are revised, which makes the existing buildings outdated and obsolete. Nine million resident homes do not meet the earthquake-resistance regulations, according to Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Unlike the U.S. and Europe, where houses are often viewed as investments and older properties

Chancellor G. Osborne’s Budget Approved by MPs

MPs have approved the Budget after Chancellor George Osborne was forced to shelve planned cuts to disability benefits. The Budget was accepted by 310 votes to 275, a government majority of 35. The government also won a series of votes on specific Budget resolutions, including the cut in capital gains tax.

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How To Choose an Affordable Stucco Contractors

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